In my opinion film is the culmination of all historical artistic timelines coming together. A composite of all the elements. It is also a difficult undertaking to assemble all of the necessary pieces to make such a thing happen. Currently all of my film projects are in script-only mode. On the flip side of this is animation. Something I've wanted to do since I was a child but never had the material to do so. Every textbook I ever owned had kung fu fighting stick figure flip books running along its edges. In spite of this intro the animation I've worked on so far has fallen much shorter than the lofty goals of avant garde art. What can I say I'm a sucker for dick jokes (no, that's not a Freudian slip).


The player below holds the first film and animations that I completed. The first is a ten minute short that was made for and starring some friends who were married at The Senator theater. The film played before hand. It was shot completely on one handheld hi-8 camcorder for about 30 bucks. It also features the theater in a number of shots. The second bit is an intro for a much longer animation which is yet to be finished. It was something that was an amusing distraction between music projects but ended up being an enormous demand of time itself. One day I'll finish it....

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Until Death Do Us Apart

What was intended to originally just be a music video ended up turning into a long short film, or maybe a short long film. It played in several film festivals (Vegas CineFest, Famous Monsters, Johns Hopkins Film Festivals) as well as various other media formats including Direct TV and Roku. I composed several original songs as well as the score to the first half of the film. We all wore many hats on this project and I wrote the script, shot some scenes, did a little make up and got covered in makeup as the zombie with the really great hair.

Outlaws Have The Right To Kill

Bask in the glory of your :Krunvi overlords in this video for the greatest band that never was.

Legends Of The Fog - Carsin's Manor 2015

Promotional video for Legends Of The Fog. I composed the music as well as performed various functions with the making of the video itself.

The Birth Of Kleetus Orgasmus