Thauma : Deck of Wonders

What is Thauma

Thauma is a word originating from Greek antiquity which translates to miracle or marvel. The capability to willfully work these marvels into creation is the practice of thaumaturgy.

Magicians, saints, monks and mystics appear throughout the history of our cultures exhibiting extraordinary capabilities or influencing events in the world through their peculiarities. They appear to work miracles that defy natural laws and scientific knowledge. In modern vernacular thaumaturgy is synonymous with spellcasting and this is the aim of this system. The wonder workers of our day are those who utilize the art and science of magick to create change in the world.

The Thauma : Deck of Wonders Core Deck is comprised of the symbols utilized in the high magick of the western mystery traditions. These are old and powerful images pregnant with meaning. The Thauma system is designed to tap into the power of these icons as tools for transforming the psyche and manifesting one’s Will.

Utilized in conjunction with Tarot, a powerful aggregate of symbols may be assembled, rich with the transformative power of their associations. As a thaumaturgic tool the integrated system provides the erudite with an array of interlocking parts from which to build a personal grimoire. The symbols of the Thauma deck are meant to bolster the properties inherent in the Tarot imagery. Tarot’s true power ultimately lies in its ability to transform the psyche of its user. These decks utilized in tandem comprise a system aimed at expediting that metamorphosis through a process of Metaprogramming.

The spiritual and magickal paths are a process of unfolding and transformation. These symbols are seeds planted into the soil of the mind. Nourish the soil and the organism will grow and blossom into something completely new. Thauma : Deck of Wonders is a tool designed to assist in one’s personal metamorphosis. May you each manifest the nature of your intention.

Frater B.F.

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