I post all kinds of things on my soundcloud account. The good, the bad the ugly. Behold the spectacle.


Dr Kleetus Orgasmus’ Aural Sexer

Some random solo pieces including a piano suite, a lullabye for my daughter and the music my sister used for her wedding. Get a tissue.

Solo Pieces

Dire Wit Films

I contributed a number of tracks to several Dire Wit films over the course of a few years: Mutantis, Pig Pen and Driven to Succeed. A few of those appear below.


Pig Pen

Driven to Succeed

IMBUE (1998-2004)

Played a lot of shows. Met a lot of people. Drank a lot of whiskey. Had a lot of fun. The player below contains both Filth Parade and Ritual In Bloom, in full, and also a cover of Faith No More’s “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” from a tribute cd put out by the band’s former label.

Tribute of the Year: A Tribute to Faith No More (Disc 1)

Filth Parade

Ritual in Bloom

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